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Transplant Procedures
Micro FUE Sapphire
Manual Hair Transplantation
Afro Hair Transplantation
Beard Transplant
Women Hair Transplantation
Eyebrow Transplantation
The DHI Choi Implantation
Micro FUE Sapphire
Advanced hair transplant technique using sapphire blades for precise grafting.
Manual Hair Transplantation
Traditional hair transplant with surgeons manually grafting hair follicles using specialized tools and techniques.
Afro Hair Transplantation
Hair transplant procedure with Afro-textured hair.
Beard Transplant
Hair follicles transplanted to achieve fuller beard growth and density.
Women Hair Transplantation
Grafting hair follicles to address hair loss and restore thickness for women.
Eyebrow Transplantation
Grafting hair to enhance and restore natural-looking eyebrows.
The DHI Choi Implantation
Hair transplant with direct hair implantation using Choi implanter pen.

Transformation Gallery

Take a look at these hair transplant before and after pictures to see how we can make you feel and look fantastic.

Patient Success Stories

In a word, Turkey is wonderful. Medical Art Center is wonderful, its team, hotel and transfer are wonderful. Medical Art Center is a choice you will never regret. Thank you for everything.
A. Redd
Medical Art Center is wonderful
I was very impressed with the quality, cleanliness and hospitality of the clinic, all the staff were amazing. The operation was successful.
K. Servais
I was very impressed with the quality
A highly recommended clinic in Istanbul for hair transplant. The team is professional, the set is hygienic, the hospitality and care are premium and the results are the best! A guaranteed success of the hair transplant surgery. Totally satisfying results
P. Saliba
A guaranteed success of the hair transplant surgery
I did my hair implantation 3 months ago. I can already see the results perfectly ❤️ Tarek is the best person to reach with. And he is an amazing human being who’s kind, friendly, helpful and humble as always🙏🏽 Keep it up Tarek and the team Medical Art Center💕
M. Hussain A G
I can already see the results perfectly
Hello I am Aleksandri Medical Art Center hair transplant is the beste clinic in Turkye I am so happy very good clinic very good personel friendly I am so happy thank you very much Medical Art Center🙏🙏🙏
A. Mulla
thank you very much Medical Art Center

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Hair Transplant Queries

The most common questions about hair transplants

Turkey has gained international recognition for its advanced medical facilities and skilled hair transplant surgeons. With a reputation for excellent results and competitive prices, Turkey offers a unique blend of quality healthcare and a memorable travel experience.

Turkey boasts a robust healthcare infrastructure with state-of-the-art clinics and experienced surgeons. Look for clinics accredited by reputable medical organizations and read patient testimonials to ensure a high standard of care.

Compared to many Western countries, hair transplant costs in Turkey are significantly lower, often without compromising on quality. Savings can vary based on the chosen clinic and procedure.

Your journey will include a comprehensive consultation, personalized treatment plan, the procedure itself, and post-operative care. Our team assists you with travel arrangements, accommodations, and local support, ensuring a smooth experience.

After the procedure, you'll receive detailed post-operative instructions. Initial recovery takes a few days, and you can explore the vibrant culture of Turkey during this time. Over the following months, transplanted hair starts growing naturally, leading to visible results within 6-12 months.

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